September 10, 2010

Good Morning:

Today I want to write about "wellness"—mine and yours. In the few years before Katrina, I had lost about 20 pounds through exercise and diet. Then Katrina came and a combination of stress and anxiety knocked me off the wagon and I regained most of the weight I had lost pre-storm.

During one of my annual physicals about three years ago, the doctor gave me a stern warning: lose weight, start to exercise, watch what you eat or else. According to my physician, failure to heed this advice could seriously jeopardize my health. I took the message to heart and have lost 30 pounds since 2007. I exercise every day, no matter where I am in the world, and try to do my best to eat healthfully. This is not easy, because I love food. However, my new routine has left me feeling better than I have in many years, and I am even at the point where I can almost keep up with my grandchildren!

In recent years, Tulane has invested in wellness programs to help all of us. If you feel the need to get healthier, as I do, I hope you will look into our programs to see if they might be of assistance. Give yourself and your family the gift of good health by paying as much attention to your wellness as you do other things. To demonstrate my commitment to wellness, I pledge this month to lose at least another 15 pounds by September 1, 2011. In the first Tulane Talk of each month, starting in October, I will update you on my progress.

I hope each of you will make your own commitment so together we can achieve healthier lives.

Roll Wave Over Ole Miss!

Have a great weekend,


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