June 24, 2011


Good Morning:

I told you I would only write during the summer if I had big news. I think this qualifies. At last week's Board of Tulane meeting, the Weatherhead Foundation announced a pledge of $50 million to establish the Weatherhead Scholars program at Tulane. This program will provide scholarships to students who are not only the best academically but are also leaders in service to their communities.

Weatherhead Scholars will receive substantial assistance to help cover the costs of attending Tulane, including tuition, fees, books, supplies, room, board and personal expenses. Tulane, in turn, will receive the country's best students who seek to transform the world by turning classroom knowledge into community action.

The first Weatherhead Scholars will enroll at Tulane in 2013, but the pledge will be given in incremental payments over a period of time in order to keep Tulane's community engagement mission thriving for years to come.

Celia Weatherhead, who along with her husband Al oversees the Weatherhead Foundation, is a graduate of Newcomb College and a member of the Board of Tulane. I cherish Al and Celia. They have been extraordinary friends to Tulane University and to me personally for many years. Their loyalty and dedication to higher education both here in New Orleans and throughout the country is legendary. To learn more about the Weatherheads and their incredibly generous pledge please read this press release.

Have a great weekend,


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