June 23, 2006

Good Morning:

As you know, at Mayor Ray Nagin’s request, National Guard troops are returning to New Orleans to resume the patrols they started in the aftermath of Katrina. While the return of these troops is welcomed locally, there is concern of how this deployment might be viewed in the eyes of the many Tulane University students and prospective students from areas outside of New Orleans.

It’s important to remember that the primary purpose of these troops is to prevent looting and further damage to private property in devastated, sparsely populated areas miles from Tulane’s campus. Having troops patrol these areas will then free members of the New Orleans police department to patrol the populated areas of the city and “hotspots” of criminal activity.

It is important that we communicate to those living outside our city and state that New Orleans is not a militarized zone. The uptown area in which Tulane University is located is thriving. This and areas of the city frequented by Tulane students will not see the presence of National Guard troops.

Moreover, it is expected that the National Guard’s presence will make New Orleans safer than ever and allow residents to rebuild in a stable environment, free from the scourge of thieves who would undo the hard work and sacrifices they are making to repair Katrina’s damage.

So I ask that you appreciate and communicate the positive aspects of this deployment along with the realization that it will bring us a safer and stronger New Orleans and Tulane.

Have a great weekend,


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