May 18, 2012

Good Morning:

Tomorrow is Commencement! As someone who has watched the class of 2012 become not merely college graduates but symbols of all that is right, that is caring, that is connected and that is engaged in their community, country and world, I can tell you that I am one proud president.

That is what I kept thinking as I signed the 2,700 diplomas that will be distributed tomorrow and as I prepared and practiced my Commencement remarks. What an honor it is going to be to salute this wonderful class.

Of course, I am not the only one excited about tomorrow. Besides the graduates themselves and the adoring family, friends, faculty, staff and alumni who will attend the ceremony, C-SPAN will be on hand to cover the event. In addition, NBC Nightly News, The Huffington Post and Yahoo! Video have requested footage of all the speeches, music and fun that is a Tulane Commencement. Our local media will be there as well.

I know I will also see many of you there tomorrow, especially our dedicated volunteers - the behind-the-scenes wizards who year in and year out make Commencement such a magical and memorable moment for Tulane and its graduates.

Now, off to rehearsals.

Have a great weekend,


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