May 16, 2012

Dear Tulanians:

Today Tulane University filed suit in Civil District Court against the City of New Orleans. The suit seeks to prevent the creation of the proposed Interim Zoning District (IZD), which the New Orleans City Council approved in a 4-2 vote at its May 3 meeting.

The IZD would place a moratorium on issuing building permits for Tulane's new stadium, as well as other possible university projects. The IZD could also impose similar restrictions on projects planned by other local universities and colleges in the proposed IZD (e.g. Xavier, Loyola and Delgado).

City law provides a 15-day window to file a suit appealing a final decision by the city council. Since May 3 could be considered the date of final decision by the council, Tulane had to file this suit now to protect its rights.

However, this filing will in no way impede the ongoing conversations we are having with our neighbors, the Mayor and other appropriate city officials to resolve the issues over the construction of the new stadium.

We are committed to finding common ground and looking forward to the day when all parties are enjoying games at Tulane stadium, cheering for the same side. Here is a press release we issued today on this issue.


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