May 11, 2001

Good Morning:

I'm writing Tulane Talk today from San Francisco where, for the next few days, I will meet with alumni, foundation directors and other potential supporters. I will also attend a reception for 400 alumni at the Hanna Winery Estates. Our host will be Tulane Med School alumnus and winegrower Elias Hanna.

On Monday, I met with members of the general medical faculty at the Health Sciences Center. I try to meet with faculty from each school at least once a year to update various groups on current university initiatives and to answer questions and receive suggestions. I also hold these kinds of meetings with student leaders from across the campus and with the Staff Advisory Council. Among other benefits, I hope these meetings improve university-wide communications and reinforce a sense of unity within the university.

Tuesday, I met with members of the Office of Student Affairs to discuss the planned major renovation of the University Center. As its name implies, this building is central to the life of the university, especially for undergraduates. I think you'll like the plans we have in store which could include the construction of another floor, the expansion of the bookstore and computer lab and the addition of a theater.

Wednesday, I met with the University Senate's Committee on Affirmative Action. The committee is currently working on plans to ensure that Tulane is a diverse and welcoming community for all who work or study here. I will create a university-wide Presidential Task Force this fall to advise me and the campus on how we should proceed in addressing these important issues.

Last Sunday afternoon more than 100 people showed up in front of Number #2 Audubon. They weren't looking for "Wave Goodbye" tickets. They were concerned about Tulane's plans for a portion of property at Uptown Square. You can read our response on the web.

Hope you have a good weekend,


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