May 10, 2002

Good Morning:

As the semester comes to a close I am pleased to announce three projects that have been selected for funding from the generous $18 million bequest we received in 1999 from the estate of Lallage Feazel Wall of Monroe:

1. Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers This project provides $500,000 in matching funds for an endowment which will be used to fund awards to outstanding scientists and engineers who show exceptional promise early in their careers. Proceeds from the endowment will be used to provide junior faculty members release time from teaching or other professional obligations in order to concentrate on their research.

2. Creation of a Technology Innovation Gap Fund This initiative will set aside $300,000 from which grants will be made to support further development of potentially commercially viable Tulane generated research and technology. This project has the potential to benefit society in myriad ways while strengthening the university's financial position.

3. Achieving Information Literacy: Freshman Writing and Staff Development This award provides $52,550 for development of a multimedia information literacy program that will help students and staff learn to use technology to access information from the library and other sources. The information literacy program will be developed through the combined efforts of the Howard-Tilton Library's Center for Library User Education and Digital Services Department, the Innovative Learning Center, the Freshman Writing Program and the Center for Workforce Effectiveness.

I am very pleased with how these Wall Fund Awards are being utilized and the impact they are having on the advancement of our strategic plan. Feedback from prior fund recipients indicates that the grants are having the intended leveraging effects and enhancing the overall quality of our various research, educational and community activities.

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Have a great weekend,


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