April 19, 2002

Good Morning:

Eight members of our faculty were selected to receive Awards for Excellence in Teaching this week. These annual awards are given to full-time faculty members who have displayed an ongoing commitment to teaching and learning. The recipients will be recognized at our upcoming Commencement on May 18. But I couldn't wait until then. So here it goes...

The President's Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching goes to Stacy Overstreet, associate professor of psychology.

The President's Award for Excellence in Graduate and Professional School Teaching goes to Oliver Houck, professor of law.

The Recognition Certificate for a Junior Faculty Member goes to Kay C. Dee, assistant professor of biomedical engineering.

The Recognition Certificate for a Senior Faculty Member goes to Karen Kingsley, professor of architecture.

The Recognition Certificate for Service Learning goes to E. Eean McNaughton, adjunct associate professor of architecture.

The Recognition Certificate for Interdisciplinary/Team Teaching goes to Scott Wall, associate professor of architecture and T.R. Kidder, associate professor of anthropology and newly appointed dean of Tulane College.

The Recognition Certificate for Dissertation Direction goes to E. Wyllys Andrews V, professor of anthropology and director of the Middle American Research Institute.

The recipients were chosen by the 12-member University Senate Committee on Teaching Quality from a list of nominees, supporting material and testimonials submitted by the deans of our 11 schools and colleges. As you can imagine, the selection process was very difficult given the high caliber of our faculty. Congratulations to all our recipients!

Have a great weekend,


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