April 15, 2005

Good Morning:

Perhaps you’ve noticed a film crew busily working on campus lately. This crew is comprised of students from Tulane’s new Feature Film Production course which, under the direction of veteran Hollywood actor Harold Sylvester (A&S '72) and theatre and dance professors Ron Gural and Jim Fitzmorris, teaches the ins and outs of film writing, acting and producing.

The 80 or so students who registered for this class wrote the film’s original screenplay, which involves multiple New Orleans story lines set against the backdrop of an approaching hurricane. Students play most of the roles in the production, which will be completed this summer. The film will then make the festival circuit and be shopped around for distribution as a full-length feature film.

What an exciting, educational experience this class is for our students. Innovative courses such as this will play a significant role in training the next generation of writers, directors, producers and actors to meet the needs of a movie industry which has found a new home in New Orleans or, as we are now sometimes referred to, “Hollywood South.”

Have a great weekend,


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