March 20, 2003

Dear Tulane Community:

Now that the war with Iraq has begun I thought it was important that I write to you. This war will have many different meanings for various members of the university community. For our Tulane alumni, family and friends who have been deployed in support of this effort, the war will mean great sacrifice.

For our students, this war, the first of their adulthood, will offer vast and sometimes terrible lessons in life. For many of our international students, this war will be fought in and near areas they once, and perhaps hope to once again, call home. For all of us, this war will be a reminder of the dangerous world in which we live.

I think it is important, especially for our young people, to take heart, remain hopeful and remember that peace will return to us soon. In the meantime, we should support one another as best we can and approach our studies, research, outreach and community-building with a spirit and sense of purpose consistent with the times we face.

We will continue to closely monitor events around the world and locally to determine what additional steps, if any, we need to take to ensure the safety and security of the Tulane community. We will post and update information regarding university safety at No updates merely indicates that there is no significant news to report.

The mission of Tulane University will continue throughout and beyond this war. May that mission help lead the way, one day, to lasting peace. In the meantime, let us pray for the safety of our soldiers and for a quick end to the war.

As always, we welcome your comments or suggestions, and are available to anyone needing special assistance during this stressful period.


Office of the President Emeritus, 1555 Poydras St, Suite 700, New Orleans, LA 70112 504-274-3638