March 17, 2006

Good Morning:

At its meeting yesterday the Board of Tulane approved all of the recommendations the Newcomb-Tulane Task Force put forward to preserve the traditions and endowments of Newcomb and Tulane colleges.

The approved recommendations include naming the newly created undergraduate college the Newcomb-Tulane College and establishing The H. Sophie Newcomb Memorial College Institute as an academic center dedicated to enhancing women’s education and enriching the women’s community at Tulane.

Please visit to read all the changes adopted by this historic vote. I am grateful to the task force, which was composed of board members who are all Tulane alumni, for their hard work over the past three months in receiving input from Tulane students, alumni, faculty, staff and supporters on how to preserve the traditions of both colleges.

The task force’s dedication has made it possible for us to take a major step toward realizing the Renewal Plan’s goal of a Tulane that is stronger both academically and financially.

Have a great weekend,


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