January 31, 2003

Good Morning:

I spent the early part of this week in New York visiting with Tulane University alumni and parents. One of the recurring themes I heard during our conversations was the increased level of visibility and respect Tulane has in the tri-state area of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. One young alumnus told me the perception of the university has been completely reversed in the eyes of his friends. Tulane is now perceived as a serious academic institution where you can also have fun, as opposed to a place where you have fun and can also get a solid education. We have been trying hard for years to effect this image change. Perhaps it is now occurring.

On Monday, I am going to give the second of a series of on-going reports to the University Senate regarding the implementation of the university's strategic plan. This report will focus on the topic of research. In preparing for the presentation, I couldn't help but be impressed with the significant increases we are seeing in funded research. These increases are across all of our schools and colleges and are historical highs for the university. This is a real tribute to the efforts of our faculty and the quality of our research. Next week I will post these results on the web so you can see for yourself the progress we have made. More needs to be done, but the trajectory is extremely positive.

Today I will attend the annual staff appreciation luncheon at the Radisson Hotel. This is an event we started four years ago to recognize the outstanding work of our staff. It is truly one of the highlights of the year for me. I look forward to thanking our staff, personally, for their efforts on behalf of the university.

Have a great weekend,


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