Timesheet Processing

Timesheets for staff and student employment


With the exception of Monthly Exempt Employees, all employees are required to submit their timesheet every pay period to their supervisor for approval prior to submitting them to the Payroll Office. Monthly Exempt employees are only required to submit a timesheet for the month during which absences, including vacation, sick leave, bereavement, jury duty, non-pay leave and other absences, take place.

Employee is reminded to complete the pre-printed timesheet in order to expedite the time sheet processing. However, in the event of missing a pre-printed timesheet, you can obtain a blank Timesheet and instructions from the link below:

Timesheet and Instructions


  • Timesheets for Biweekly Staff and Student Employees are due in the Payroll Office by 2:00 p.m. on Friday, prior to the payday. This deadline may change due to holidays, winter breaks, or University closings. Please refer to the Biweekly Calendar for appropriate deadlines.
  • Timesheets for Monthly Staff are due in the Payroll Office by 2:00 p.m. on the 5th working day following month ends.
  • Timesheets received after the deadline may not be processed. 


Timesheet Collection:

  • Special bins at selected locations are provided for timesheet collection. The timesheet collection bins will be available until 10:00 am on the prearranged due date, at which time they will be picked up and delivered to the Payroll office. Please ensure your department's timesheets are in the collection bin by the 10:00 am deadline.
  • When due, please drop off Payroll's copies of timesheets in sealed envelopes and place them in the marked receptacles at the following locations:
    • Uptown Campus - Bruff Commons
    • School of Medicine - 1555 Poydras St., 8th Floor
    • Dowtown - SPH&TM - Tidewater, Suite 806
  • Fax copies may be faxed to 504-865-6727 by 2:00 p.m. on Friday, prior to the payday. However, fax copies are habitually illegible thus creating untold hours of additional work on Payroll staff during tight timeframe and increasing error rates considerably. In addition, fax only once as duplicate copies will cause overpayment and slowdown the processing.
  • Timesheets may also be dropped to the Payroll Office in person at 200 Broadway Street, Suite 218, New Orleans by 2:00 p.m. on Friday, prior to the payday.



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