The Yvette Milner Jones Award

In recognition of Yvette M. Jones' longstanding leadership, dedication and tireless service to the advancement of Tulane University, the Tulane University Board has established the Yvette Milner Jones Award.  The award will be given to an outstanding Tulane University staff member or administrator for his or her superior achievement, dedicated service and involvement in the affairs of the Tulane University community.  Building upon her legacy, the recipient of the award will reflect the same loyalty, foresight and initiative that characterize Yvette M. Jones' accomplishments in strengthening Tulane University.

Eligibility:  Staff employees and administrators are eligible for the Yvette M. Jones Award, must have worked a minimum of five years at Tulane University and have a title below the level of Vice President.  They may not have a faculty appointment.

Criteria:  Nominees should have achieved outstanding success in one or more of the following areas:

  • Communicating the university's mission, vision and accomplishments to develop partnerships and relationships that further advance the university;
  • Developing and growing relationships between the university and external constituents, thereby keeping the activities and mission of the university meaningful and relevant;
  • Building partnerships and relationships that facilitate the university's goal to positively impact the quality of life for residents in New Orleans and beyond by improving the learning environment for faculty and students;
  • Exhibiting leadership within the university;
  • Demonstrating innovation that enhances the university or the broader community.


Selection Process:

  • Call for nominations are announced on a biannual basis during the fall semester.
  • All nominations must include a Yvette Milner Jones nomination form and three letters of support. Nomination forms are located on the Workforce Management website.  Click here for the direct link to the nomination form.

All nomination forms are kept in the strictest of confidence.For more information please contact Catherine DeMarr, Workforce Management, at 247-1722 or

WFMO, University Square, 200 Broadway, Suite 120, New Orleans, LA 70118 504-865-5280