Reclassification Committee

 Important Dates

  Reclassification Meeting

  Week of October 12, 2015

  WFMO Packet Deadline

  September 1, 2015

Questions should be directed to Compensation Administration at 247-1714 or 247-1715.

The Reclassification Committee is comprised of senior administrators and meets once quarterly to consider reclassification requests submitted by departments.

A job reclassification is defined as a position adjustment which occurs when an existing, budgeted position’s job content has significantly changed (e.g. more than 15 percent).

Any department requesting a reclassification of an employee’s position should submit the following to its dean and respective senior administrator for approval: 

  1. Employee’s name, current title, and current salary
  2. Employee’s current job description and a revised job description with new or additional duties highlighted in yellow
  3. Proposed new title
  4. Current departmental organization chart
  5. Revised departmental organization chart proposed, post-reclassification
  6. Written justification for the reclassification, which includes:
    a.  the proposed funding source for any salary adjustments to be to the employee’s salary and
    b.  the department’s basis of assumption for the new salary

If the dean and senior administrator approve the reclassification request, s/he will forward the request and attendant paperwork to WFMO Compensation Administration.  All complete reclassification requests (documentation and approvals) must be received by Compensation administration no later than the deadline date noted above for consideration at the meeting indicated above.

Once the Reclassification Committee renders a decision, the documentation will be reviewed and approved by the Office of Institutional Equity (OIE).  Approved changes will be effective the first day of the next applicable pay period following the granting of needed approvals.  In most instances, reclassification requests heard by the Reclassification Committee in the spring of the year will be effective on July 1 of the new fiscal year.

Workforce Management will notify submitting departments of decisions made by the Reclassification Committee and approved by OIE, along with the effective dates of approved changes.

Questions regarding the reclassification process should be directed to Compensation Administration at 247-1715 or 247-1714.







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