Fall 2014 Schedules

  August 12-December 23, 2014

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160-A Diboll Parking Complex
Uptown Campus

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(504) 314-7433 (Phone)
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(504) 314-7233

Michael Moore, AM Operations Manager
(504) 314-7437

Ronald Moore, AM Transportation Coordinator
(504) 314-7433

JC Paciera, PM Operations Manager
(504) 400-8936

Sharon Greer, PM Transportation Coordinator
(504) 407-7281

Tameka Reynolds, Financial Associate
(504) 314-7436

Brian Lowe, Director of Transportation
(504) 314-7435



THE GOLD ZONE    CALL 504-314-7233

The GOLD ZONE transports riders to their residence or vehicle located within a 1 MILE radius of the uptown campus.

Sunday to Wednesday, 8:00 PM - 3:00 AM

Thursday to Saturday, 8:00 PM - 3:30 AM


 Gold Zone Map


Shuttles & Transportation began operating late night transportation (Formerly TUPD Safe Rides) on July 1, 2014.  One of the features of our late night transportation system is the Gold Zone, a point-to-point transportation service where a ride request is made through an app.  More information on the app is coming soon, but it will require Tulane/Loyola log in credentials.  Gold Zone service is offered within the set boundaries illustrated on the Gold Zone map above. 

Please note, only the following transportation requests will be honored:

****Uptown campus to off campus residence

****Off campus residence to uptown campus

****Off campus residence to off campus residence (Trial basis for Summer/Fall 2014)

Transportation via the Gold Zone to/from both Papillon and Deming will be provided when no fixed shuttle line is servicing those sites.




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