Photo Tips

Creating dynamic photos ...


  • Take several shots from different angles, close and wide so you can choose the better ones later.
  • Take mostly horizontal shots and a few vertical shots.
  • Use a non-distracting background so your subject stands out.


  • Use a flash indoors to get the best lighting. If your flash allows, point it towards the ceiling. It will create a more natural-looking light.
  • Know the range of your flash so that it works to enhance your photos.
  • Watch where the natural light is coming from and use it to your advantage.
  • Avoid people squinting into the sun. Slightly overcast days, early mornings or late afternoons outdoors are actually better than a blazing midday sun. If you must photograph people in midday, have them stand in a shady area. Try to position them so that the background also is shaded. 


  • Mix it up! You want your pictures to tell a story. Limit your pictures of people posing.
  • Direct people in photos — ask them to move closer, stand up straight, smile, relax, etc.
  • Position your subject(s) to look at the camera for more personal photos.
  • Offset small groups from the center to create more visually interesting photos.
  • When nothing seems interesting, shoot wide with something in the foreground.

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