Tulane University Board Resolution

June 10, 2003

The Board of Administrators of the Tulane Education Fund hereby affirms its unequivocal commitment for Tulane University to maintain its place among the nation's outstanding institutions of higher education. In this context, the Board commits to the continuation of Division I-A intercollegiate athletics at Tulane University. After a comprehensive review of the Athletics Department's finances and plans, and directly influenced by the unprecedented and passionate support demonstrated by the Tulane and New Orleans community, the Board is confident it can and will operate an intercollegiate athletics program that is, first and foremost, a model in terms of the academic performance and graduation rates of its student athletes and is financially viable and accountable on a sustainable basis in support of the academic mission and goals of the University.

In order to ensure the faithful and effective implementation of this decision, the Board hereby authorizes the University administration to:

1. operate a Division I-A athletic program that is consonant with the mission, goals, and aspirations of the University and in full support of the stated principles of the constitution of the National Collegiate Athletic Association;

2. assume primary responsibility, in consultation with the Board's Executive Committee and Intercollegiate Athletics Committee:
a. to revise and oversee the successful implementation of the May 2003 operating plan presented by the Athletics Department;
b. to ensure that the Department meets its annual goals for revenue generation and expense reduction; and
c. to ensure that the Department operates at an allowable subsidy not to exceed $2 million on a sustainable basis, beginning in F2007 and each year thereafter; and

3. take all necessary steps to better position Tulane's intercollegiate athletics program for the long-term, including, but not limited to:
a. exploring opportunities for conference affiliation to ensure the University is best positioned to fulfill its vision for its athletics program;
b. working with other universities to request that the NCAA adopt policies and procedures that support higher academic standards and lower costs for those competing at the Division I-A level; and
c. joining with other universities to alter the current arrangement of the Bowl Championship Series alliance to minimize, if not eliminate, its adverse effect on Division I-A athletics.

The Board recognizes and expresses its gratitude to Tulane's alumni and friends for their demonstration of support and dedication to Tulane University.

Further, in order to sustain the tremendous sense of enthusiasm for Tulane and to ensure that sufficient resources are available for the Athletics program to achieve its goals, the Board hereby encourages its alumni and friends to continue their efforts by providing tangible, sustainable support for the University.

Furthermore the Board hereby calls for the formation of an external advisory board, comprised of, but not limited to, officers of the Tulane Alumni Association and its Alumni Clubs, local and state political leaders, and leaders of the New Orleans business community, which will serve to encourage sustainable community support and contributions for Tulane University, including its athletics program, and to develop strategies for connecting Tulane Athletics to the community at large.

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