Welcome from Michael A. Fitts

15th President of Tulane University

No university in the United States is like Tulane. A blend of cultures, ideas and a singular history, evolving for generations, has given Tulane University, like its home city of New Orleans, a character that is impossible to imitate. We add a little extra flavor to our thinking, our creativity, our collaboration and celebration. Resilience, community service and practical experience are built into our mindset. With 10 schools and almost 14,000 students, Tulane has a rich selection of academic fields for students to explore and a tight-knit setting that invites lively exchanges between people with different backgrounds and interests. This intellectual diversity and engaging environment of Tulane - in its academics, extracurricular pursuits and social life – create an ideal setting for cultivating leaders with the kind of deep understanding needed in our interconnected, 21st century world.

Tulane is seizing these well ingrained strengths and building on them to become a leader in higher education for its interdisciplinary, innovation-minded approach. We’re aiming to elevate our undergraduate education to the most distinctive, multidimensional experience available today. In our graduate teaching and research, we’re advancing creative collaborations to take on the most profound problems of our time. We’re studying how the design of our physical campuses can further nourish Tulane as one of the most dynamic universities. At the same time, we’re positioning Tulane for a secure financial future. In my first year as president, I established five teams that are advancing each of these goals. You can read more about them:

Thank you for visiting Tulane.edu. Please come visit us on campus. Online or in person, I hope you’ll explore more of what makes Tulane an unparalleled place.