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Technical Support and Network Operations Center
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Tulane Technology

If you are experiencing problems with technology on campus, we encourage you to submit a ticket to our help desk by calling 504-862-8888 or online at If you have a problem with technology on campus and you can't get it resolved, please call 504-644-8467 or email and one of our team leaders will respond directly to provide further assistance.

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Password Maintenance

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Set up a Wireless Device

Eduroam for Students, Faculty and Staff
TulaneGuest for visitors


myTulane and Blackboard

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Security Software

Download free anti-virus software
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Gibson Access

Cypress supercomputer ranked in the Top 500 fastest

Posted: 18 Nov 2014

Tulane's Cypress supercomputer now ranks as one of the top 500 fastest computers in the world.


Tulane Accelerates Research With Cypress HPC

Posted: 14 Nov 2014

Want to know more about Tulane's Cypress High Performance Computer? 


Upcoming Changes to Box Sync

Posted: 11 Nov 2014

The following information applies only to users of Box Sync. To make the Box Sync experience more intuitive, Box will make a change to Box Sync's behavior this week.


Tulane Mac Users and Yosemite OS

Posted: 10 Nov 2014

Tulane Mac users should wait to upgrade to the Yosemite Operating system until further notice. Technology Services has identified conflicts with SecureDoc encryption, difficulty connecting to DFS shares, incompatibility with VMware and the high probability of other problems.


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