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Technical Support and Network Operations Center
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If you are experiencing problems with technology on campus, please contact the Technical Support and Network Operations Center by phone at 504-862-8888, by e-mail at, or online at


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Security Software

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Gibson Access

Why Am I Seeing So Many Phishing Messages?

Posted: 24 Nov 2015

In the month of November alone Technology Services has reset passwords for over 250 compromised accounts. A scammer with access to a “” account will change the user’s password, lock him or her out of the account and send phishing messages to thousands of Tulane recipients per day.


Tom Gerace to present at the Louisiana IT Symposium

Posted: 13 Nov 2015

Tulane's Assistant Vice President for Enterprise Services Tom Gerace will present at the Louisiana IT Symposium, an annual conference for senior level information technology professionals. See below for topic information:


The OpenDNS Client

Posted: 12 Nov 2015

With the recent uptick in phishing activity, now is a great time to learn about OpenDNS. OpenDNS Umbrella protects you when you're using the Tulane network, but the OpenDNS roaming client safeguards your computer from malicious web links and harmful internet sites wherever you are - whether you're connecting through off-campus networks like coffee shop Wi-Fi or an airport Wi-Fi hotspot.


Win an Apple or Pebble Watch!

Posted: 04 Nov 2015

Cybersecurity Awareness Month is over now, but we want to keep the momentum going. This month you can win your choice of an Apple or Pebble Watch by watching the "Securing the Human" video series. The “Securing the Human” on-line program helps you stay safe online, protect your data, and keep on top of security issues. Securing the Human’s short and informative videos cover HIPAA and FERPA standards as well as important topics such as Social Networking and Protecting Your Kids. These easy to use training tools are available through the Training Wave at Gibson online:


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