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Technical Support and Network Operations Center
Tulane Technology

If you are experiencing problems with technology on campus, we encourage you to submit a ticket to our help desk by calling 504-862-8888 or online at If you have a problem with technology on campus and you can't get it resolved, please call 504-644-8467 or email and one of our team leaders will respond directly to provide further assistance.

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myTulane and Blackboard

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Security Software

Download free anti-virus software
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Gibson Access

What is the Heartbleed Vulnerability?

Posted: 09 Apr 2014

The Heartbleed vulnerability affects sites that use the OpenSSL cryptographic software library. OpenSSL is used to encrypt web traffic, usernames, passwords, and content transmitted through secure webpages (pages that start with “https”). The Heartbleed bug allows attackers to read the memory of systems using the vulnerable versions of the OpenSSL software.


CryptoLocker Update

Posted: 03 Apr 2014

Technology Services has seen an uptick in phishing attacks involving CryptoLocker ransomware (see
As means to reduce future infections, we are blocking email with attachments of .zip archives that contain executable files.


Do you use Box Sync? Be on the lookout for a software upgrade this month

Posted: 31 Mar 2014

Many Tulane faculty and staff use the Box file storage application for file storage and sharing, but do you also use Box Sync? Box Sync is a utility that allows you to synchronize a folder on your desktop with the files you store on Box. You can create, edit, and delete documents directly through the Box folder on your desktop using your native applications (such as Microsoft Word or Excel). All changes automatically sync back to your online Box account.


Windows 7 Upgrade Project Continues

Posted: 19 Feb 2014

Many of you are already aware that the Windows XP operating system is being retired and will not be supported after April 2014. Any Windows XP machine that is connected to the Tulane network after this date represents a security risk to every machine connected to the network.


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