E-Folios and TaskStream

The Teacher Preparation & Certification Program uses TaskStream as our electronic candidate portfolio system and as our program assessment system. As candidates progress through the program, they will complete the Level 1 E-Folio in EDLA 2000, finish Level 2 at the conclusion of their methods I class (either 3500 or 5010), complete Level 3 in conjunction with their methods II class, and finish their Level 4 E-Folio as part of the final clinical (either student teaching or internship).

As candidates progress through the program they will add work products and evaluations to their portfolio. Over time students will reflect on their progress from the pre-clinical level through the final clinical experience. Students enrolled in Methods I, Methods II, and the final clinical experience are required to have an active TaskStream Account.

Students will purchase an individualized TaskStream subscription online directly from the company. Depending on their needs, students can purchase anything from a one semester plan at $25.00 through a four-year plan at $105.

  • All students enrolled in TPCP courses are required to have an active TaskStream account.
  • Additional information about the requirements for each level of the electronic portfolio is available in the TPCP Program Handbook.

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