Courses Required


    The Teacher Preparation and Certification Program offers courses in a sequential order so candidates 
    can complete the program in a timely manner. All courses are cross listed with the School of Continuing Studies 
    and are taught one day a week, on Tulane's uptown campus.

    To review course offerings visit
  • Required for ALL Education students:

    EDLA 2000   Education in a Diverse Society

    EDLA 2890   Service Learning (undergrads)

    EDUC 3250   Focused Field Experience (post-bacs)

    EDUC 3260   Focused Field Experience II (post-bacs seeking PL2 eligibility)

    EDUC 3400   Classroom Management/Instructional Design & Assessment                                           

    EDUC 6900-6950 Student Teaching or Internship or Global Student Teaching


  • Required for Secondary Certification:

    EDUC 3802    Secondary Reading Methods

    EDUC 3820    Secondary Reading Practicum

    EDUC 5010    Secondary Methods I

    EDUC 5xxx    Secondary Methods II  (content-specific- e.g. 5110- English)

    PSYC  3200    Educational Psychology

    PSYC  3390    Adolescent Psychology


  • Required for Early Childhood Certification:

    EDUC 3000   Emergent Literacy

    EDLA 3160   Children's & Adol Literature

    EDUC 3801   ECE Reading Methods

    EDUC 3810   ECE Reading Practicum

    EDUC 3500   Early Childhood Methods I

    EDUC 3900   ECE Methods II

    PSYC 3210    Child Psychology


  • Required for Dance Certification:

    EDUC 3500    ECE Methods I

    EDUC 3820    Secondary Reading Practicum

    EDUC 3802    Reading Practicum

    PSYC  3200    Educational Psychology

    PSYC  3210    Child Psychology

    PSYC  3390   Adolescent Psychology

    DANC 3610   Dance Practicum

    DANC 5140   Methods II Dance

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