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Louisiana Law

The information in this section is provided to help you access Louisiana laws pertaining stalking. In addition, links to legal resources are provided to help you find the answers to your questions about the justice system, Louisiana laws, and your rights as a victim.

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: The Office of Violence Prevention & Support Services does not provide legal advice, and nothing on this site constitutes legal advice. However, we can assist survivors in accessing legal services.


What are Louisiana's criminal laws on stalking?

Louisiana law on stalking and stalking related offenses:

If you are a Tulane student and believe or suspect you may be a victim of stalking, you can contact any of the service providers listed in the resources section or the Tulane Office of Violence Prevention & Support Services (504) 314-2161 to discuss your situation, and determine if you would like to pursue a criminal justice remedy. The Tulane Office of Violence Prevention and Support Services provides services to Tulane students, while the providers below serve the larger community.


Legal Resources

Louisiana Commission on Law Enforcement and Administration of Criminal Justice

Louisiana District Attorney’s Association (LDAA)

The LDAA is committed to helping victims of crime receive all the services provided by the law.
(225) 340-0171

Louisiana State Legislature web portal to Louisiana Laws

New Orleans Family Justice Center
(504) 592-4005

New Orleans Police Department and the NOPD Assistance for Victims of Crime Brochure

Orleans Parish District Attorney’s Office
Victim/Witness Division
(504) 822-2414

Project SAVE
Project SAVE provides free, emergency legal representation to survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault and stalking in Orleans Parish. Staff attorneys help with legal orders to keep survivors safe and to protect their legal rights. Legal services may include temporary restraining and protection orders, temporary child support, custody, and use of property.
(504) 310-6873

The United States Attorney’s Office – Eastern District of Louisiana

Tulane University Police Department – Uptown Campus
TUPD Victim’s Resources: (504) 865-5381


Other online legal resources

Includes information on staying safe, knowing the laws, preparing for court, where to find help, how to help others, and how to choose a lawyer. Also includes Louisiana state statutes.

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