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Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE) Program
Where Victims Become Survivors

LSU Interim Hospital
Emergency Department
2021 Perdido Street New Orleans, LA 70119

You may choose to enter the Emergency Department from Gravier Street entrance (rear of the LSU Interim Hospital main entrance). At the Emergency Department reception desk inform the attendant that you have been sexually assaulted. The attendant has been training on how to best respond to your immediate needs and will call for the SANE nurse on duty.
If you have a question please call (504) 903-3144 and ask for the SANE nurse on call.

What is a SANE Program?
Sexual assault is a crime of violence that often leaves its victims feeling frightened and ashamed. The SANE Program started in response to the need for more complete, compassionate medical examination for these patients.

A SANE is a registered nurse with advance education and clinical preparation in the care and treatment of sexual assault victims.

The SANE Program provides that compassionate care, along with comprehensive forensic evidence collected by a specially training RN, one-on-one care from that RN, support in notifying the authorities as well as ongoing support and care from the SANE.

Who should come?
Any person who has had sexual contact against their will and without their permission has been a victim of sexual assault.

The SANE Program is there to provide care and facilitate use of needed resources to help the recovery process.

What will happen?
A Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE) will be there to provide personal care in a specially designed safe and private area. The SANE will be there to care for and advocate for medical, legal and emotional needs including:
• Providing information about legal and medical options
• Injury treatment
• STD and Pregnancy Prevention
• Evidence collection
• Counseling
• Follow-up Care

Transportation Options:
It is not uncommon for a survivor of a sexual assault to be driven by a friend to the LSU-SANE Program. If injuries have occurred it is imperative that you call the Tulane University Police Department (TUPD) at (504) 865-5911, or if off campus 911 and request emergency transport. Other options include:
• Calling TUPD (504) 865-5911for transport in a unmarked police vehicle. You may also request a female officer to accompany you to the LSU-SANE Program.
• You can call (504) 865-5911and request that TEMS (Tulane Emergency Medical Service) transport you to the LSU-SANE program. You can request that no sirens or lights be used.
• You can call the Student Resources and Support Services On-Call staff, (504) 920-9900, and a Tulane University Professional Staff Advocate will pick you up and accompany you to the LSU-SANE Program.

We thank the LSU-SANE Program for providing the information in this section.

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