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Sexual Assault

A note on confidentiality


 Guide for Victims of Sexual Assault Sexual Assault Reporting Options and Resources 

Reporting Options

As a student at Tulane University you have several options in which to report a sexual assault. If you have been sexually assaulted:

  • Are you safe? Your safety is the highest priority. If you are on campus, call the Tulane University Police Department (TUPD) at (504) 865-5911. If off campus, call the New Orleans Police Department at 911.

  • Consider calling a trusted friend, relative, a counselor, the Office of Case Management and Victim Support Services, or a trained Sexual Aggression Peer Hotline & Education (SAPHE) advocate (504-654-9543). These people can provide you with the support and referral information you may need at this time.

  • Seek medical care. You may need to receive medical treatment for injuries, and you may even have injuries of which you are not aware of. The Student Health Center can provide you with screening and treatment for sexually transmitted infections (STI) and possible pregnancy.

    We HIGHLY encourage you to seek care at the Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE) Program at University Medical Center which is the only location in Orleans Parish where evidence (A Rape Kit) can be collected.
    You will not be required to file a police report, but by seeking care at LSU-SANE, you will have more options available in the future if you decide to file a police report.

    When seeking medical care at either the Student Health Center or with the LSU-SANE Program, every decision regarding your care is made by you. For additional information, location of the LSU-SANE Program, and transportation options.

  • You may choose to file a report with the police. Call TUPD at (504) 865-5911 or the New Orleans Police Department at 911 to submit a report.

  • You may contact the Office of Case Management and Victim Support Services. The office works closely with campus resources and may assist you in determining what, if any, steps you wish to take. They can put you in touch with the Student Health Center staff and the Tulane University Police Department, as well as off-campus resources. The information you provide will be held on a "need to know" basis.

    During business hours, call the office at (504) 314-2161 and ask to speak to a staff member with Victim Support Services. For additional information on confidentiality and a list of Tulane reporting options. 

  • Please seek some form of emotional support. While taking care of your physical needs may be the first step, it is important not to neglect the emotions you may be experiencing as a result of the assault. We have specially trained counselors ready to assist you at Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) - (504) 314-2277.

  • Know that you are not alone. There are people who can help you process what you are experiencing and explain the options available to you.

  • It is your choice to determine when and in what manner you recover from your trauma. It is up to you to make the decisions that will be best for you.

  • Remember, the assault was not your fault.

Please refer to the list of Tulane, Community, and State/National sexual assault resources. For an emergency immediately call the Tulane University Police Department at (504) 865-5911 or the New Orleans Police Department at 911.


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