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If you need to report an on campus emergency dial (504) 865-5911 (uptown campus) or (504) 988-5555 (downtown campus). If off campus dial 911.


Tulane University recognizes that confidentiality is particularly important to victims of crime and survivors of sexual assault. As a student at Tulane University you have several options in which to report an incident. These options fall into three categories; Confidential, Need to Know, and Anonymous. It is important for you to understand the differences between these categories.

Strictly Confidential: These resources offer strictly confidential services. Except in rare, extreme circumstances, nothing will be shared without your explicit permission. Exceptions to strict confidentiality are when the provider believes you are a threat to yourself or others. We encourage all victims and survivors to seek counseling in order to process her/his experience, options, and to begin the recovery process.

Mostly Confidential: These conversation are kept as confidential as possible, but information must be shared with key staff members so that the University can offer resources and accommodations and take action if necessary for reasons of safety.  In planning any resource, the wishes of the person are given full consideration.  A campus-wide safety alert may be warranted but will not contain the victim’s name or specific address.

Anonymous. Anonymous crime reporting is NOT for emergency situations. Anonymous reporting is an option if you are afraid of being identified as the complainant. However, you should realize that anonymous reports may not receive immediate and attention and must include sufficient detail where the appropriate officials are able to conduct an investigation if determined to be warranted.

Tulane University must adhere to legal mandates such as Title IX, medical reporting laws, and the Jeanne Clery Campus Security Act. For example, Tulane University is required to make an annual report documenting the occurrences of violent crimes on campus, including sexual assault. However, this report does not include any information identifying the individuals (including the victims) linked to these crimes.

Please review the following table for a list of reporting options:


Mostly Confidential

Sexual Aggression
Peer Hotline & Education (SAPHE)

Talk to a peer regarding concerns
related to sexual aggression –
24/7 hotline (504) 654-9543

Report a Concern: Online
Campus Reporting Form

You may write anonymous for
your name. Please complete the
form in as much detail as possible.


Strictly Confidential

Student Health Center
(504) 865-5255

Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)
(504) 314-2277

Sexual Aggression Peer
Hotline & Education (SAPHE)

Talk to a peer regarding concerns
related to sexual aggression –
24/7 hotline (504) 654-9543

Office of Case Management
& Victim Support Services

(504) 314-2160

Student Resources &
Support Services

(504) 314-2160

Tulane University Police – Uptown
Emergency dial: 5911 from any
campus phone
Emergency: (504) 865-5911
TUPD Victim’s Resources
(non-emergency): (504) 865-5381
Tulane Emergency Medical
Services (TEMS): (504) 865-5911

Tulane University Health Sciences
Center Public Safety – Downtown

Emergency: (504) 988-5555
For Service: (504) 988-5531

Housing & Residence Life
(504) 865-5724

Office of Student Conduct
(504) 865-5516

Academic Advising Center
(504) 865-5798

Office of Institutional Equity
(504) 862-8083

Tulane’s Center for Wellness
and Health Promotion
(504) 314-7400

Office of Sorority & Fraternity

(504) 247-1531

Report a Concern: Online
Campus Reporting Form

Please complete the form in
as much detail as possible.

Student Resources & Support Services On-Call:
(504) 920-9900

Division of Student Affairs, Tulane University, New Orleans, LA 70118 504-314-2188