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University Policy

Tulane University will not tolerate acts of hazing against individuals or groups.

Hazing Policy
Hazing includes, but is not limited to, acts of servitude and/or behavior that humiliates, degrades, embarrasses, harasses or ridicules an individual or otherwise is harmful or potentially harmful to an individual’s physical, emotional or psychological well-being, as an actual or apparent condition for initial or continued affiliation with any group. A student violates this standard regardless of either the lack of intent to cause harm or the individual’s own willingness to participate. Unless affirmative steps were taken by the charged student to prevent the hazing behavior, conduct charges may be brought against the group, officers of the group, and members of the group who are deemed to have encouraged the behavior, in addition to any conduct action against persons who engaged in the hazing behavior. A student or group found to have violated this hazing standard may be expelled and if not expelled shall be suspended for not less than one full semester and subject to two years conduct probation after reentry to the University. Parents or guardians of students found to have violated this standard may be notified. For additional information, consult the Student Code of Conduct and the University’s Parental Notification Policy.

The Tulane Presidents' Council has an additional policy for how the Greek community at Tulane will eliminate hazing and hold each other accountable to safe practices. Please contact Liz Shafer, Director of Fraternity and Sorority Programs, for additional information regarding this policy and for any questions or concerns regarding hazing at (504) 247-1531 or

Hazing is a violation of Tulane University Student Code of Conduct and Louisiana State law.

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