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Physical Assault / Intimidation

Help A Friend

If your friend has been assaulted:

  • Listen sympathetically and reassure your friend that you believe him/her.
  • Don’t blame your friend even if his/her actions put them in harm’s way.
  • Call the police and report the crime. If your friend is injured it is imperative that you seek help by calling the TUPD (504) 865-5911 or 911 immediately. Reporting the crime may save someone else’s life.
  • If possible, encourage your friend to recall specific details of the event. Your friend may be able to provide the police with information that will lead to the criminal’s arrest.
  • Because victims often blame themselves, tell your friend repeatedly that it is not their fault.
  • Discourage your friend from seeking revenge.
  • Help your friend access Tulane University resources. This is an important step to assure their physical and emotional well-being. University professionals are available to help both you and your friend process what happened. If you think your friend needs help but won't tell anyone, please contact a university professional and tell them what happened.

Note on confidentiality.

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