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Physical Assault / Intimidation

According to the National Center for Victims of Crime an assault is a physical attack or a threat that causes fear of an attack. An assault may include pushing, shoving, slapping, punching or kicking. Injuries may occur as a result of an assault; however, it’s still an assault if there was no injury.

If you are a victim of an assault you may experience a wide range of emotions and feelings and might:

  • Be shocked, angry, or afraid.
  • Feel helpless because you could not prevent the assault.
  • Have nightmares or flashbacks about the assault.
  • Want to hurt the attacker(s).
  • Think that you did something to cause the attack.
  • Feel embarrassed about telling your family and friends.
  • Feel any or all of the above, whether you were physically injured or not.

What to Do

Being assaulted is not your fault. It is important that you get help. If you are experiencing any of the reactions listed above, please contact Julia Broussard, Coordinator of the Office of Violence Prevention and Support Services at (504) 314-2161 to schedule an appointment where she can explain what victim support services are available to you. She can also explain the reporting options available to you, including reporting the assault to the police. 

Also, meeting with a counselor to discuss your experience is beneficial. You can schedule an appointment with a counselor at Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) (504) 314-2277.

A Note On Confidentiality

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