The Office of Violence Prevention and Support Services















The Office of Violence Prevention and Support Services (OVPSS) is a specialized office within the Department of Student Resources and Support Services. Our aim is to empower students who are victims and survivors of crime to make informed decisions in their recovery process. We also assist friends, faculty/staff, parents and loved ones.


Our Resources

We provide a variety of response and support resources to victims and survivors of various forms of violence including:

Our Services

The services we provide are student-centered and focus on promoting student safety and well-being. Services include: emergency housing, housing reassignment, academic accommodation, health and counseling referral, legal referral and advocacy (Office of Student Conduct, civil court, criminal court), and ongoing support throughout the recovery process.

We understand that students choose to seek help from a variety of campus departments. Our role is to provide a web of support in helping students coordinate information and navigate between different departmental support services. Thus, OVPSS collaborates with various departments at Tulane University including:

Note on confidentiality

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