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Case Management

 Many students experience difficult times during college, due to either academic or personal reasons.  Common stressors include medical, mental health, personal or family crisis, illness, or injury.  These life events can interfere with a student’s ability to attain their goals.

Case Management Services are designed to support students throughout their college career in order to best achieve their academic and co-curricular goals.  Case Management does not solve our student’s problems for them, but rather helps the student identify the issues and appropriate resources and works collaboratively with the student to develop an action plan.  We support and empower our students to take action and advocate on their own behalf.

Students are referred to Case Management Services by faculty/staff, family, or other students when they have a concern regarding a students welfare.  Students can also self-refer in order to access support and assistance.  The goal is to avert more serious difficulties and help the student attain academic and personal success.

Services offered include but are not limited to: navigating campus and community resources, referrals to community providers, exploration of and referral for behavioral health concerns, coordination and follow-up during and after hospitalization and/or medical leave of absence, health and safety referrals, problem resolution, Process of Care support, help managing multiple or complex medical needs, crisis management, and conflict resolution.

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If you are participating in the Case Management program, the Intake Packet is available for review and completion prior to your first meeting with a Case Manager.

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