­­­­­­Lavin-Bernick Center for University Life Policies

Rooms and Reservations


Dances and Late-Night Events

In addition to the Lavin-Bernick Center room reservation policies, the following policies apply to late night events held within the facility:

  • A minimum of three campus police officers will be required at this type of event. A minimum of five student members of the sponsoring organization(s) must work as additional security staff.
  • For safety and security reasons, only one ballroom may be used for parties/dances on any given date. The maximum number of guests may not exceed 450.
  • The student organization or group sponsoring the event shall provide event contact names to the Department of Public Safety prior to the event. It is recommended that this information be included on the IT along with specific times and details of the event. This information will assist Public Safety in making their shift assignments.
  • All guests must be able to present their university issued photo identification at the door. Public Safety officers will assist and support this rule. Individuals without a college photo I.D. will be refused entry.
  • Two officers will periodically patrol the area outside the event, ensuring that any non-Tulane affiliated persons are not found loitering.
  • Campus police officers will monitor occupancy levels to ensure that occupancy codes and safety regulations are not violated.
  • Events held in the Lavin-Bernick Center will end by 2:00am.
  • Groups sponsoring events held in the Lavin-Bernick Center that conclude after 11:00pm will be assessed a custodial staffing fee payable directly to Tulane University  by check, or to the Lavin-Bernick Center by Interdepartmental Transfer (IT).
  • Additional public safety officers may be called to the facility at the end of the event to assist in dispersing the crowd. If this extra support is required, it will be at the expense of the sponsoring organization(s).


Decorating and the removal of decorations must occur during the reserved time of the event. Smoke, fog and bubble machines are not permitted.  Use of candles, oil lamps, or incense is not permitted.  Duct tape and clear packing tape cannot be used on any surface.  Flowers and other decorations must arrive and be removed during the reservation period. 

Event Security

The Police Department’s presence is required at certain campus events.  Specifically, for open events one officer is required for every 0-250 persons expected to attend an event; and depending on the nature of the event, additional officers may be required.  For closed events on campus, a Tulane Police officer may be required when expected attendance is less than 50 people (i.e. events serving alcohol or having amplified sound).  If an event requires public safety officers the organization or department will be notified at the time the reservation is confirmed.  A request for officers must be submitted via the online request form (

Food Service

Olive/Blue Catering (865-5254 or has the exclusive catering rights in the Lavin-Bernick Center; Tulane departments and student organizations may bring their own food but are responsible for food clean-up.  There will be a clean-up charge if the room is not left in its original condition. The catering website is

All Tulane events serving food (food not catered by Sodexo) must submit an application to the Office of Environmental Health and Safety for approval. For guidelines and approval by OEHS go the website - then to "Application and Guidelines for On-Campus Food Service Events".  Students, faculty, and staff must complete this application and submit it to the OEHS for approval. Once approved please send a copy to the LBC -

Insurance and Rental Agreements

Insurance and Rental Agreements are required for the following events:

  • Events held by organizations or individuals which are neither funded nor controlled by the University
  • Events which are not part of the course of regular University business
  • Events where the primary benefit is for an unaffiliated organization or individual and the secondary benefit is for the University (“University-hosted events” such as grad school fairs)
  • Events conducted by University affiliates or non-affiliates for purposes other than those related to University’s mission of education, research and service

The prospective lessee/user must complete a Facility Use Request Form located online at Reservations should be made no later than 45 days from the proposed event commencement date.  An executed Facilities Rental Agreement and Addendum should be submitted no fewer than 30 days prior to the event date.  A certificate of insurance complying with Agreement requirements should be received no less than 10 days before the event date.

McAlister Place

McAlister Place, which runs from Freret Street to Drill Road, can be reserved for special events. Reservations can be made at All student organizations must complete Student Programs Event Registration forms when reserving McAlister Place..  Organizations and departments must follow the University amplified sound policy and submit an I.T. to Facilities Services for tables, chairs, extra garbage cans, and clean-up personnel.  Organizations/departments must contact Public Safety (Officer Dominguez at 865-5381) to order officers for any large events.


All vehicles parked on the uptown campus between the hours of 8 a.m. and 5:30 p.m., Monday-Friday, are required to display a University Parking Permit or park in a metered parking place. Visitors may purchase a one-day parking pass at the Traffic Office during business hours and from the TUPD safety dispatcher after hours. Visitors have the option to pay to park on the ground level of the Diboll Complex or use parking meters throughout campus. For additional information, please visit


All meeting, booth or banner spaces in the Lavin-Bernick Center must be reserved through the LBC Reservations Office.  Reservation policies and procedures may be viewed at  Priority use is given to recognized student organizations and University departments.  Sponsoring groups or organizations may cancel or change their reservations with twenty-four hours advance notice.  A student organization is considered a “no show” if group members have not utilized the reserved area within 30 minutes of the scheduled reservation.  Please review the sanctions listed below for violations of the “no show” policy:

  • The first “no show” will result in the student organization receiving a written notice of warning from the LBC Reservations Office, with a copy to the organization’s adviser.
  • The second “no show” will result in the student organization losing its scheduling privileges for a period of two (2) academic weeks.  During the time of suspension, all previously approved reservation requests will be canceled.
  • The third no show will result in the organization losing its scheduling privileges for a period of eight (8) academic weeks.  During the time of the suspension, all previously approved reservation requests will be canceled.

Reservations are not accepted for regularly scheduled academic classes or weekly religious services.  Informal study groups are permitted in the public lounges and dining areas.

Student organizations may not reserve space during study and exam periods. 

Video/DVD Showings and Federal Copyright Law

Federal law prohibits the public display of copyrighted material.  This includes videos and DVDs that may be purchased or rented.  Although the language is not specific, any showing of a video or DVD for social purposes to groups could be considered a violation of federal law.  To avoid such conflict and decrease the likelihood of copyright violations, groups’ are urged not to show copyrighted material unless payment has been made to the proper authority.  For more detailed information please contact the Office of Student Programs at 865-5141.


Advertising, Banners, and Publicity



The LBC allows student groups and University departments to display banners in predetermined locations in and around the building. Banner spaces must be reserved in advance through the LBC Reservations Office, and are subject to the approval of LBC staff. The LBC staff will hang banners inside the LBC. Groups wishing to hang outdoor banners should contact Facilities Services for assistance. Banners to be hung indoors may be dropped off at the LBC Info Desk, and should be picked up there when the reservation ends. Staff will recycle or dispose of any banners that go unclaimed. 

Digital Displays

The LBC owns and operates digital display monitors on each floor of the building. Customers with meetings inside the LBC may request to display a slide or short video clip with meeting info, a speaker's photo, or any other relevant information. For information on the requirements for posting, view our Digital Media Guidelines or contact the LBC Reservations Office or email All submissions are subject to approval by the LBC Reservations Office staff.

Glass Display Cases

Registered student organizations and university departments may utilize the Lavin-Bernick Center display cases.  Each group may use a display case for a two-week period to promote upcoming events or promote their organization/department. The name of the organization, the date, time and location of the upcoming event (when applicable), and a contact phone number must be prominently displayed. The Information Desk Staff is responsible for hanging and removing the posters/flyers.  Items not retrieved by the end of the display period will be recycled or discarded.

Postings & Chalking

Postings must be approved, stamped, dated, and hung by the Information Desk Staff and are limited to two per authorized bulletin boards.  Postings are not permitted on doors, windows, or the walls of the Center. All postings must be sponsored by a recognized student organization or University department and the name of the sponsoring organization/department must be printed on the posting.  Postings cannot be larger than 14” x 22” and will be limited to two-weeks. Chalking on the walls is not permitted. 


Only approved Tulane University publications may be distributed in the public spaces of the Center.  The newspaper racks located at the front entrance are designated for The Hullabaloo, the university newspaper. 

Table Tents

The LBC has 88 two-sided 4x6 acrylic table-tent holders on located in the Food Court and Nalty Commons. The two panels can be filled on a first-come, first served basis to Tulane University student organizations and departments. All table tent designs must be submitted to and approved by the LBC Reservations Office.  Fundraising efforts or advertising affiliated with elections are not permitted on table tents. Table tents may be displayed for a maximum of one week or seven calendar days.  The sponsoring organization or group and contact information must be clearly stated on the table tent. To reserve table tent space contact Shirley Dymond at


Solicitation is considered any activity in which an action is requested of another individual for any purpose.  Sales, petitions, surveys and distribution of printed or free materials are considered solicitation under this policy.  External vendors are not permitted in the Lavin-Bernick Center unless sponsored by a university department or a recognized student organization.  The names of the vendor and the sponsor(s) must be clearly displayed within their reserved areas.  The vendor must remain within their reserved area and may not approach facility patrons or solicit door-to-door.  Rental fees for booth/lobby space must be paid in advance.  Contact the LBC Reservations Office for detailed information regarding vendor contracts, policies and/or rental fees.




The Lavin-Bernick Center is open 24 hours a day 7 days a week during the academic year with Tulane card access.  Hours may be abbreviated during university and national holidays. Please check current operational hours at 


The LBC is not designed for running, jumping, climbing, or any other physical activities or horseplay. Patrons who engage in this behavior inside of the LBC will be asked to leave.

ADA Accessibility

The Lavin-Bernick Center is ADA accessible.


All student organizations planning an event to include alcohol must register the event by completing an Event Registration Form (available at  or in person at the Office of Student Programs). Forms must be submitted to the Office of Student Programs at least three weeks prior to the event.  All other student organizations and departments should register events with their appropriate administrator at least 5 working days prior to the event.  All events serving alcohol require a security presence to enforce state law per the University Alcohol Policy.

Amplified Sound

Amplified sound is defined as any sound that is broadcasted through electronically amplified equipment or sound that is electronically enhanced.  The use of amplified sound may not interfere with instructional activity or the administrative operation of the university.  Such use will only be permitted during the following specific times and specific locations:

Monday-Friday: 12noon-1pm, 4-7pm McAlister Steps, Gorson Porch, and Pocket Park

Saturday and Sunday and University Holidays: 12noon-10pm

The use of amplified sound will not be permitted if such use would disrupt a previously scheduled event or function.  Sound levels must comply with the City of New Orleans Code, Sections 66-22.  All events with amplified sound must provide adequate security, as determined by the Department of Public Safety.  If the sound level exceeds the maximum provision, after two consecutive warnings, the LBC Administration reserves the right to cancel amplified sound for the remainder of the event.


No animals are permitted in the Lavin-Bernick Center except for service animals assisting visually or physically impaired patrons.


No bicycles are permitted in the Lavin-Bernick Center. Bicycles should be locked to bike racks located outside the LBC.  Bicycles may not be chained to railings, columns, benches or other structures. Bicycles that are unattended in the building or chained to prohibited structures will be surrendered to TUPD.

Building Equipment

No equipment or furniture is to be removed from the LBC without written permission from the Administrative Office of the Lavin-Bernick Center. Organizations that lose or break equipment will be assessed a replacement or repair fee by the Lavin-Bernick Center. 

Conflict of Interest

Tulane University has established contractual agreements with retail and service providers located within the Lavin-Bernick Center.  Due to the contractual terms of these agreements, university departments and/or student organizations representing Tulane University are prohibited from entering into similar agreements with any like providers.  Potential conflicts of interest may include, but are not limited to, the following services:

·       Banking

·       Bookstore

·       Catering or food/beverage service

·       Computer/Technology equipment

·       Copy/Printing Center

If you have questions regarding this agreement please contact the Associate Vice President for University Services at (504) 862-8064.

Fire Safety                                                                                                    

The Lavin-Bernick Center is protected by a system of smoke detectors tied into a main building alarm. In the event that a fire alarm sounds, patrons must proceed immediately to the nearest building exit. Once outside the building, patrons will be asked to move to an area at least 25 feet from the exterior of the building. All building occupants must remain outside of the building until the Department of Public Safety has given the all-clear signal, and the building is reopened.

Open flames, including incense and candles are prohibited by Fire Code.  Organizations requiring the use of candles during formal functions may purchase battery-operated “candles”.


Gambling of any nature is prohibited in the Lavin-Bernick Center. 

Lost and Found

The Lavin-Bernick Center operates the university Lost and Found at the Information Desk located on the first floor. If the owner can be identified he/she will be contacted via phone and/or e-mail.  If you would like to find out if a lost item has been turned in, please call 865-4000, e-mail us at or inquire at the Information Desk. 

  • Items that are not claimed within 60 days will be either disposed of or donated.
  • Driver’s licenses, bankcards and other forms of identification will be shredded after the 60-day period.
  • Tulane ID cards will be held for 3 business days.  If unclaimed after the 3-day period, cards will be returned to Card Services located in Bruff Commons. 


Students and visitors may use the courtesy phones located on the second floor of the facility across from room 212 (Qatar Ballroom).

Skates, Roller Blades, or Skateboards

The use of skates, roller blades or skateboards is not permitted in the Lavin-Bernick Center.


In compliance with University policy, the Lavin-Bernick Center is designated a smoke-free facility.  Smoking is permitted on campus in designated smoking areas. Beginning on August 1st, 2014, Tulane University will become a smoke-free campus. For the purposes of this guideline, tobacco is defined as any type of tobacco product including but not limited to cigarettes, cigars, cigarillos, electronic cigarettes, pipes, hookahs, smokeless or spit tobacco or snuff.


Division of Student Affairs, Tulane University, New Orleans, LA 70118 504-314-2188