Ambassador Matching Ceremony

Services at THE O


Ambassador Peer Support Program

The Ambassador Peer Support Program, also known as the Big/Lil' Program, serves to increase the retention of students by providing first-year students and new transfer students opportunities to learn from mentors who serve as coaches, role models, advisers, guides, and referral agents.

First-Year Student Success Series

This series helps students find their niche through participation in learning clusters within the Ambassador mentoring program.  It assists students in making informed decisions to navigate through their first year of college, strengthens their academic foundation through facilitated study halls, builds personal relationships through social events, and helps first-year students develop leadership skills.

Wednesday's with the O

Lavin-Bernick Center G04, Wednesdays, 12-1 pm
This series of programs is designed to bring students together and educate the university community about our office activities in forms of creative expression, dance, music, spoken word, theater, etc. 


Walk-in Advising

The Office of Multicultural Affairs fosters students’ academic success and personal development by offering walk-in advising. Students are free to visit our office for assistance concerning transitional issues from high school to college, social integration into the campus culture, and academic and student support resource referrals.  Our motto is “Each one, reach one!”  We are here for you throughout your entire academic career through to graduation.  No appointment is needed, just stop by our office.

Multicultural Career Development Series

This series of workshops and events, co-sponsored by the Career Services Center, exposes students to career related issues. LEARN MORE

Monroe Multicultural 5th Floor ("MO 5")

As a residential community within the housing system, MO 5 is a socially just living and learning community based on mutual respect, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender identity or expression, sex, age, class, sexual orientation, religious preference, ability/disability and/or international status.  In order to build an inclusive atmosphere that fosters academic excellence and personal growth, MO 5 fosters an understanding and appreciation for social and cultural distinctiveness on and off campus. LEARN MORE


Willows of Culture

Don’t believe the hype unless you got it right!
Housing and Residence Life’s newest Living Learning Community focusing on racial, ethnic, gender, religious, and sexual, and socioeconomic diversity is ALIVE and WELL.  In fact, it is called Willows of Culture and will specifically focus on American Indian, Asian American, LGBTQIA, Latino, and African American cultures in the United States.

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