wall_mainsmWall Residential College

Students from all disciplines can apply to become members of Tulane's new residential college. Wall Residential College, a Living Learning Community, houses approximately 250 residents on the site of the old Zemurray Residence Hall.

Wall Residential College is unique among Tulane's residential facilities because in addition to housing undergraduates, it is also home to a faculty member and his or her family. This Professor in Residence will help the college residents to become more engaged in the intellectual and social activities at the University.

As a resident of this community you will have opportunities for leadership, self governance, and intellectual engagement with a mix of faculty, staff, and students outside of the classroom.


Wall Residential College Room Condition Report - click here


Amenities & Other Details

  • Wall Floor Plan*
  • Lounges
  • Study rooms
  • Kitchens
  • Students are responsible for cleaning suite style bathrooms
  • Students are responsible for cleaning individual rooms
  • 1 Microfridge is provided in each room
  • Laundry facilities are located on each floor - there is no charge for laundry
  • Area desk is located in the first floor lobby of Wall Residential College - 504-865-6754
  • Community Director for Wall Residential College - VACANT

*Please note that due to recent renovations, facility upgrades and/or conversions, the floor plan may have a limited number of mislabeled rooms. If you have questions, please e-mail

Wall RC Community Involvement Requirements

Members of this community are expected to actively participate in one of the many committees. Through these groups, you will impact the social and academic life of the residential college, Tulane, and New Orleans. 

Currently, the Wall RC Committees are:

  • Multicultural Affairs: Latin spice? African mystique? Explore the cultures of the globe and expose Wall to the varied customs, tastes, and sounds that the wide world has to offer. 
  • Faculty Fellows: This committee programs events incorporating the Wall Faculty Fellows into a free-form conversation of scholastic thought and duty to school and community excellence. 
  • Community Service: Mobilize the R.C. to lend a helping hand, and give back to the community. From the halls of Wall to the streets of New Orleans, there is always a cause to champion with community service. 
  • Health and Wellness: Just like grades, physical well-being is highly important, and necessary for a fulfilling college experience. Help Wall organize sunrise yoga in Audubon Park, or fresh vegetable stir-fry cooking classes. 
  • Sustainability: Go Green! Spread awareness about the environment, and help Wall reduce its footprint. Lead the way in making our community nurture the precious joy of our planet.
  • Quad Wide: "Go big or go home" is this committee's motto. Plan parties, fundraisers, anything, just don't let your imagination hinder you! This group of people focuses on the big picture and realizes that with fun comes great planning.

Application Information

Fall 2013 Incoming New First Year Students who are interested in living in the Wall Residential College must submit a separate application in addition to the commitment fee and application submitted to Admissions. The deadline for any new student to apply for residency in Wall is May 5, 2013.


Frequently Asked Questions

When will we find out if we have been accepted to Wall Residential College?
We will send out notifications by Friday, June 21, 2013 by 5:00 p.m. Additionally, information on roommate matching and selection will be distributed at that time.

What happens if I am not accepted to Wall? Where will I be housed?
If you are not chosen to live in Wall, you will be placed in your second preference according to your housing application. Additional information will be sent to those students not selected for Wall on Friday, June 21, 2013 by 5:00 p.m. as well as details on how to revise your building preference and find roommates.

When is the deadline to apply?
The deadline for Wall Residential College is May 5, 2013.

Whom do I contact if I have questions about the application process?
Feel free to contact Hayley Ade at or Veronica Marquez at or 504-865-5724. If you have questions about the Wall Residential College living experience, please contact Hayley Ade.


Room Types & Sizes

There are 8 RA rooms, 9 ADA accessible rooms with roll-in showers, and 6 rooms for the hearing impaired in the building. Rooms are carpeted, some areas of ceiling and columns are exposed concrete to give rooms more of a "loft" character.

  • Single room : 9'-0" x 20'-0"
  • Double room : 12'-0" x 20'-0"
  • Bathrooms with toilet and tiled shower, window at shower (baths located between two rooms, shared by max. 4 students depending on combination of rooms around bath) : 3'-6" x 11'-0" (ADA bath 5'-0" x 11'-0")


Window Types & Sizes

  • All windows have an operable section with restricted opening dimension;and wood blinds.
  • Windows floors 2 to 5 : 4'-0" x 6'-7"
  • Windows 1st floor : 4'-0" x 7'-7"
  • Corner rooms: corner window - sizes as listed above, on each side of corner.

Typical Room Furniture

  • All room furniture is faced with wood veneer, some furniture is a combination of wood and metal.
  • Wardrobe (one per student) : 2'-0" deep, 3'-0" wide, 7'-0" tall, with full width bottom drawer, coat rack and shelf above behind double doors.
  • Vanity (built-into a niche accessible from room) : with drawers and double doors.
  • Bed (bunked, can be taken apart and set up as single beds)
  • Dresser (one per student), stackable.
  •  48" wide desk with drawers below on one side + chair (one per student)






wal_lounge 1sm

wall_bookcasesm   wall_chestofdrawers2sm

Room Dimensions


  • 40 in wide, 18 in deep, 30 in high
  • 3 drawers down: 11 in wide, 15 in deep, 5 in high
  • 1 drawer across: 25 in wide, 15 in deep, 6 in high
  • Wooden chair


  • 32 in wide, 18 in deep, 41 in high
  • 4 drawers: 25 in wide, 15 in deep, 6 in high


  • Posts taller on one end usually
  • 47 or 37 in high
  • 38.5 in wide
  • 43.5 or 33.5 in high between posts
  • Frame: 80 in long, 39 in wide, 15 in from floor (adjustable - nuts and bolts)
  • Extra long twin mattress (80 in long)


  • 4 electrical outlets
  • 1 phone jack
  • Thermostat in the room
    • AC unit is 43.5 in wide
    • 24.25 in tall
    • 9 in deep
  • 2 cable/2ethernet connections, but box is on one side of the room only
  • Overhead fluorescent light for room
  • Full length mirror usually on one side of the door


  • 2 above bed
  • 23 in tall
  • 10 in deep
  • 13 in between top shelf and bottom shelf
  • 7.25 in from top shelf to top of shelving unit (open to ceiling though)


  • 17 in wide
  • 13 in deep
  • 6.5 in high in the sink
  • Around the sink: 20 in wide, 18 in deep

Towel Racks by Sink

  • 23 in wide
  • 1.75 in from sink basin


  • 71 in wide, 24 in deep, 96 in high (floor to ceiling)
  • 3 organizer shelves
    • 2 small shelves from ground: 18 in wide, 15 in deep
      • Bottom shelf 28 in from floor
      • Second shelf 14 in above first shelf
    • 1 large shelf
      • 71 in long
      • 15.5 in deep
      • Hanging space from this shelf
  • Closet door: 36 in wide, 96 in tall (floor to ceiling)
  • 2 wooden sliding doors

Double Rooms


  • Around the sink - plenty of space
  • 24.5 in wide
  • 19.25 in deep

Mirror/Cabinet (over sink)

  • Mirror
    • 22 in high
    • 16 in wide
  • Cabinet
    • 21 in high
    • 14.25 in wide
  • 3 adjustable shelves inside


  • 36 in wide
  • 59 in high
  • The sill is 7.5 in deep


Door (to bathroom)

  • 28 in wide
  • 80 in tall


  • 36.5 in deep
  • 40 in wide
  • Shelf in shower
    • 4 shelves (1/4 circle)
    • 6 in radius
    • Bottom shelf 34.5 in from ground
    • Shelves 12 in apart

Towel Rack (across from toilet and sink)

  • 23 in wide
  • 1.75 in from the wall
  • 3 in bathroom

Shelf (in bathroom)

  • 64 in tall
  • 12 in wide
  • 10 in deep
  • 6 shelves, 11.5 in apart

Mirror/Cabinet (over sink)

  • Mirror: 26 in high, 16 in wide
  • Cabinet: 24 in high, 14.25 in wide, 4 in deep
  • 3 adjustable metal shelves inside

Mirror (across from sink)

  • 17 in wide
  • 23 in tall
  • 4 in deep
  • 3 adjustable glass shelves inside


  • 35 in wide
  • 60 in high
  • The sill is 6.75 in deep
  • 2 panels open in to the room

Towel Rack (across of toilet and sink)

  • 23 in wide
  • 1.75 in from the wall
  • 3 in bathroom

Single Rooms

Mirror/Cabinet (over sink)

  • Mirror: 16.5 in wide, 18 in tall
  • Cabinet: 18 in wide, 9 in high, 4 in deep
  • 2 sliding doors 7.5 in tall


  • 48 in wide, 22.5 in deep, 96 in high (floor to ceiling)
  • 3 organizer shelves
    • 2 small shelves from ground
      • 18 in wide
      • 15 in deep
      • Bottom shelf 28 in from floor
      • Second shelf 14 in above first shelf
    • 1 large shelf
      • 71 in long
      • 15.5 in deep
      • Hanging space from this shelf
  • Closet door: 28 in wide, 80 in tall
  • One door swings out


  • 40 in wide
  • 87 in high
  • The sill is 5 in deep
  • 2 panels, open into the room

Housing and Residence Life, Tulane University, New Orleans, LA 70118 (504) 865-5724