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CONFIDENTIALITY STATEMENT: The Goldman Office of Disability Services (ODS) is responsible for receiving and maintaining the disability-related documentation and information for students with disabilities at Tulane University. The documentation and information may include test data; psychological, psycho-educational, and/or neuropsychological evaluations; grades; transcripts; biographical history; case notes; and any other disability-related information necessary to document and provide accommodations to students with disabilities. Students with disabilities have the right to review their file. A student who wishes to review his or her file must schedule an appointment with ODS staff. Students may request and receive copies of case notes, Course Accommodation Forms, and other documentation from ODS; however, students will not be provided copies of disability-related documentation from their file. Disability-related documentation is defined as any documentation given to ODS to substantiate the student's disability status and need for accommodations (e.g. psychological, psycho-educational, neuropsychological, or medical evaluations; letters or other information from physicians; or medical records). ODS will retain a copy of all information within a student's file. All documentation in the student's file is treated confidentially and will not be released to anyone not involved in the accommodation and service-delivery process with the following exceptions: (a) the student gives ODS a signed release to share disability-related information with the person(s) or office(s) named on the release; (b) ODS will release disability-related information as required and/or permitted by the law and/or a court order; (c) the student threatens to harm himself or herself or others, or is suspected of abuse of a child or incapacitated adult (d) the student files a disability-related complaint, appeal, grievance, or lawsuit against any university office or employee(s). ODS staff will not release disability-related information to a student's parents/guardian/caregiver without a confidentiality release signed by the student. This must be a confidentiality release completed and signed at ODS. A confidentiality release signed through another office or department on the Tulane University campus does not grant parental access to disability-related information kept by ODS staff or in ODS files. Only ODS staff have direct access to student disability files. When a student with a disability requests accommodations, he or she understands that some disability-related information may be provided on a need-to-know basis to university faculty and staff to help insure that the student receives appropriate accommodations. The academic dean's office of the college in which the student is enrolled and instructors of classes for which the student is requesting accommodations will receive disability-related information necessary to provide appropriate accommodations. If a student files a disability-related appeal, grievance, or lawsuit, the student understands that ODS will release disability-related information to appropriate university offices (i.e. the General Counsel, the ADA/504 Coordinator, the Office of Student Affairs, and/or appropriate university committees). Otherwise, university faculty and staff need to know only (1) that the student has been through the disability documentation review process at Tulane University; and (2) what accommodations have been approved by ODS to meet the student's disability-related needs.


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