Information for Victims

Have you been the victim of student misconduct? 

If you believe that you  or someone you know has been a victim, we encourage you to file a report through the online report form at After a report is received, you will be contacted by Julia Broussard, Coordinator of the Office of Violence Prevention and Support Services. She will inform you of your rights and options, in addition to assisting you with any resources you may need. You may review your rights in the Conduct Process section of this website. 


Information on Sexual Misconduct

Sexual Misconduct is antithetical to the standards and ideals of our community and violates the Code of Student Conduct. Tulane is committed to fostering a community that promotes prompt reporting of all types of sexual misconduct and timely and fair resolution of sexual misconduct complaints. Reporting an assault is a deeply personal choice that only a survivor can make, but the Office of Student Conduct is one way of regaining some control, holding the perpetrator accountable for his or her actions, and taking a stand on your own and the community's behalf.

Allegations of sexual misconduct typically proceed to a Hearing Board. The Hearing Board is composed of one student, one staff member, and one faculty member selected from a pool of highly trained panel members and is overseen by a non-voting chair, who is responsible for maintaining process. Tulane uses an Investigative Model in its resolution of sexual misconduct and other cases. The Investigative Model is a non-adversarial approach to resolving cases that go before a Hearing Board and is designed to minimize the burden placed on the reporting student and accused student. Each case that is presented to a Hearing Board is assigned a University Investigator. The Investigator serves as a neutral party and works with all parties and witnesses involved in the case to collect all available information. Based on this review, the Investigator presented a report to the Hearing Board, which includes a summary of his or her investigation. 

Reporting students have the right to an advisor to assist them with the Student Conduct process. For additional information regarding the Student Conduct Process, please contact Vanessa Rodriguez, Director of Student Conduct, at (504) 314-2160 or

To file a complaint, which may be made anonymously, please use the online reporting form at

Division of Student Affairs, Tulane University, New Orleans, LA 70118 504-314-2188