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Expungement Process

Disciplinary records of students are retained for 7 years from the date of infraction. However, under section V.D.17 of the Code of Student Conduct, a student has the right to request his/her disciplinary infraction be expunged through a written request to the Tulane University Student Affairs Committee of the Senate. 

Disciplinary records may be voided by a majority of those present and voting at an executive session of the Senate Committee on Student Affairs for good cause upon written petition.  Factors to consider may include: 

  1. the present demeanor of the student;
  2. the conduct of the student after the violation;
  3. the nature of the violation and the severity of harm resulting from it.

The request should be turned in to the Office of Student Conduct,which will then forward the request through the proper channels for review at the next scheduled Committee meeting.

Division of Student Affairs, Tulane University, New Orleans, LA 70118 504-314-2188