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Code of Student Conduct

Tulane University, as a community dedicated to learning and the advancement of knowledge, expects and requires the behavior of all of its students to be compatible with its high standards of scholarship and conduct. Acceptance of admission to the University carries with it an obligation for the welfare of the community. Freedom to learn can be preserved only through respect for the rights of others, for the free expression of ideas, and for the law.

All individuals and/or groups of the Tulane University community are expected to speak and act with scrupulous respect for the human dignity of others, both within the classroom and outside it, in social and recreational as well as academic activities.

Tulane University will not tolerate any form of harassment or intimidation on the basis of gender, race, color, religion, age, national origin, ethnicity, disability, veteran’s status, sexual orientation, marital status, gender identification or any other basis prohibited by law. Nor will it tolerate acts of hazing against individuals or groups or discrimination against any member of the Tulane community solely because they express different points of view. The University encourages the free exchange of ideas and opinions, but insists that the free expression of views must be made with respect for the human dignity and freedom of others.

By accepting admission to Tulane University, a student accepts its regulations, including the Code of Student Conduct, and acknowledges the right of the University to take conduct action, including suspension or expulsion, for conduct judged unsatisfactory or disruptive.

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