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Annual Reports to the Community

Tulane University strives to provide a safe environment in which students, staff, and faculty can learn and work.  It is our philosophy in the Office of Student Conduct that education provides a person with the ability to assist this goal in as much as knowing the risks around oneself. Therefore the following reports are provided to the Tulane University community in accordance with this philosophy.


Student Conduct Statistics

Tulane University, as a community dedicated to learning and the advancement of knowledge, expects and requires the behavior of all of its students to be compatible with its high standards of scholarship and conduct.  By accepting admission to Tulane University, a student accepts its regulations and acknowledges the right of the University to take disciplinary action, including suspension or expulsion, for violations of the Code of Student Conduct. Campus Charge Standings >>


Campus Crime Statistics

Campus crime statistics >>


Campus Organization Standings

Tulane University supports and encourages students to get involved in the many organizations that are available on our campus. The Office of Student Conduct embraces this ideal, but also believes that students should be informed of the sanctions that have been imposed upon these organizations. This is not a reflection of the quality of the organization, only a statement of fact to which violations the organization has been found responsible for. The Office of Student Conduct upholds an educational philosophy in its day-to-day operations and believes that the sanctions imposed on each organization are educational for all members. As potential members, students should also be aware of an organization’s current standings so that an informed decision can be made prior to joining. Organization Standings >>

Sanction Descriptions

Loss of Recognition: The University does not recognize the organization and all members are restricted from affiliating with the group.

Organization Suspension: A complete separation from all organization activities and university activities, services, facilities and grounds as an organization. For Greek organizations, all leadership positions held on the governing council members of the chapter must be relinquished for the suspension period.

Disciplinary Probation: A specified period of time in which the organizations is not in good standing with the University. If future violations occur the organization may be suspended or loss recognition from the University.

Social Probation: The organization is prohibited from engaging in any social events, including social events with other Greek Organizations such as mixers, date parties, formals, intramurals, etc. This includes both events with and free from alcohol where members or non-members are present.

Social Restrictions: The organization is restricted from certain activities as appropriate for the violations and organization’s conduct history.

Educational Workshops: Workshops can be imposed on an organization for their members to attend. The workshops are specific to the violation and the organization’s conduct history.

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