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Reporting a Concern

 Tulane has a centralized online report form for complaints and concerns which is the primary, and preferred, method for submitting any report of concern about a student and his or her behavior, including but not limited to conduct that may violate the Code of Student Conduct. This system allows for efficient routing of concerns to the appropriate office, as well as tracking follow-through on a concern. 

If you are aware of conduct that violates the Code of Student Conduct or that otherwise causes you concern, we encourage you to file an online report. Whether you wish to file a report regarding conduct or any another concern, the report allows the appropriate offices to address concerning behavior.

Click Here to Report an Incident or Concern

Tips for Good Reporting

  • Include specific details to show us why you feel that somebody's actions are weird, alarming, threatening, etc.
    • body language / postures
    • tone / volume of voice
    • personal space invasions
    • language used
    • focus of attention
    • method of communication
    • information about the location, layout, or physical environment that is appropriate
  • Provide supporting documentation, when available. This may include such things as e-mails, photographs, audio or video recordings, text messages, social medial screen shots, etc.
  • Document appropriate time-lines if this is an on-going issue. When did you first notice the behavior? What has happened over time?
  • When possible, try to use proper names rather than pronouns to avoid confusion. 
  • Paint as complete a picture as possible, but avoid reporting conjecture, hearsay, rumors without supporting information, etc. 
  • Keep in mind that the student may be entitled to view a copy of the report (redacted to protect privacy when appropriate), specifically if the behavior will be addressed through the Office of Student Conduct.
  • You may file a report anonymously, but it is important to know that doing so may make it difficult for the appropriate office to effectively follow-up on the information provided in the report.

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