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Parent Resources

The Code of Student Conduct governs the behavior of Tulane University undergraduate and graduate students. As advisers, mentors, and caregivers, parents can positively influence the choices and decisions that students make. Knowledge about University rules, regulations and services available can help you help your son or daughter make informed, adult decisions.


Parent Access to Student Information (i.e., grades, discipline files)

Obtaining access approval can occur in one of several ways. Your son or daughter can visit the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs (104 Central Building) and complete a FERPA waiver to allow appropriate administrators to discuss information about your son or daughter. Another way is for students to demonstrate that they are a tax dependent of parents by asking parents to submit copies of their most recent tax return. Finally, a student can call a parent while seated in an administrator's or faculty member's office and sign a waiver on the spot. In all cases, students must specify which records or situations can be discussed with parents as approval does not assume blank authority.

Parental Notification Policy


Alcohol Violations

Alcohol use and abuse by college students is a serious matter. While Tulane University does not have any higher incidents of alcohol use or abuse than any other college campus, some students may be attracted to the University because of its location and the perceived bohemian lifestyle in which residents and visitors engage.

It is illegal for students who are under the age of 21 to possess or consume alcoholic beverages. Undergraduate and graduate students 21 or older must abide by the guidelines contained in the alcohol beverage policy regarding the responsible consumption of alcohol.

There are minimum required sanctions for alcohol violations. For the first offense, the minimum sanctions are:

For the second offense, there is:

  • an administrative referral to the Student Health Center for an alcohol assessment
  • 5 hours of uncompensated University Service
  • parental notification

The third offense increases the number of uncompensated University Service to 20, places the student on residence hall probation (jeopardizing the student's ability to live on campus in the future), and sends the students back to the Student Health Center. If the alcohol incident involves harm to persons or property while under the influence, all previously stated minimum sanctions are increased.

Should the Student Health Center deem appropriate after two referrals to their office for alcohol violations, a student may be referred off-campus (at the financial responsibility of the student) to be counseled for alcohol abuse.


Drug Violations

Marijuana and other controlled substances are illegal to possess or consume, regardless of the quantity possessed. Students who are caught with quantities of a controlled substance that might be enough to sell (Tulane Police has rules to determine such amounts) will be arrested and escorted to the New Orleans City Jail. Students may face discipline charges within the City of New Orleans and Tulane University simultaneously.

There are minimum required sanctions for drug violations. For the first offense, students are:

  • placed on disciplinary probation
  • required to complete 20 hours of uncompensated University service
  • participate in a drug assessment administered by the Student Health Center

For the second offense, students are:

  • suspended for one year
  • required to complete a Student Health Center-approved substance abuse treatment program prior to being re-admitted to the University
  • placed on disciplinary probation for two years upon readmission to the University

The third violation results in expulsion from the University. In all cases, the accused student's parents will receive a letter informing them of the incident.

Division of Student Affairs, Tulane University, New Orleans, LA 70118 504-314-2188