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Can I get a copy of the police report?
Students cannot obtain a copy of the police report to take with them, however they are entitled access to their disciplinary file. Students are free to take notes about anything written in the report.

What happens if I choose not to schedule an appointment with a conduct officer?
If students do not call to schedule an appointment or misses two scheduled appointments, a hold is placed on a student's records, which prohibits him or her from registering for classes and obtaining academic transcripts. In addition to the alleged charges, a charge of "failure to comply with the request of a University official" may be added.

Is the conduct system operational all year long?
No. Typically, the system is operational during the fall and spring semesters and ceases activity on the last day of class in each semester. However, special circumstances occasionally call for hearings to be scheduled during the summer and between semesters pending the availability of conduct officers and hearing board members. Also, if a student is enrolled in summer classes or lives locally, a conduct hearing may be scheduled as opposed to waiting until next semester.

Do all incidents create a conduct record for students?
No. Agreement to participate in mediation does not generate a conduct record. Being referred to the Student Health Center or the Office of Alcohol Education Initiatives for a substance abuse issue that is deemed to impact the health and safety of the student or other students does not generate a conduct record. If you question whether or not an incident will become part of your conduct record, ask your Area Director or Conduct Officer.

How can I get a registration "block" removed from my records?
Complete all requirements of a conduct sanction and/or fulfill your obligation to meet with a conduct officer and the registration block will be removed.

If the violation also involves a local, state or federal law, can I also be referred to the University's conduct  system?
Yes. Students have a separate relationship with the University in which violations of University rules and procedures are handled separately from any civil or criminal action.

Will my parents, professors, and/or academic adviser be notified?
It depends of the nature of the situation. If there is a concern about the health and safety of the accused student or other students in the Tulane University community, a phone call may result.

Will this appear on my permanent record?
Only suspensions and expulsions permanently appear on a student's academic transcript. Disciplinary probation appears for the length of the probationary period.

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