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Conduct Process

The Code of Student Conduct applies to all students enrolled at Tulane University. If an enrolled student is charged with a violation of the Code, he/she may have to resolve the charge(s) before registering for a subsequent term or receiving a transcript or diploma. If a student is granted withdrawal from the University, including a retroactive one, he/she may still be required to resolve the charge(s) arising from an alleged violation of the Code while enrolled.

All proceedings under the Code are confidential. All proceedings and all documents generated by the process form a part of the charged student’s records and are therefore confidential under the federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act. Participants in the process, including the charged, the complainant, witnesses, hearing board members, and staff members are advised to preserve the confidentiality of all proceedings and all documents under this Code. Any breach of confidentiality may subject the responsible party to charges under this Code.

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