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Working with University Neighbors

Tulane's location in the city of New Orleans and in the Uptown neighborhood is an integral part of Tulane's identity and provides Tulane students with a rich and unique educational experience. Tulane expects its students to behave in a manner that respects the important role our location plays in the Tulane experience. Students may be subject to charges under the Code of Student Conduct when their off-campus behavior is inconsistent with these expectations. 

Although the vast majority of our students meet these expectations, we encourage you to file an online report if you have concerns relating to any of our students. If you are unsure of the identity of the student, please provide as much information as possible so that we can attempt to identify the student or students involved. If we can determine the student who was involved in the incident, the Office of Student Conduct will contact the student or students to discuss the report. 

For additional information, please contact either:

The Office of Student Conduct

(504) 865-5516

Paul Harang,

Director of Community and Neighborhood Relations

(504) 988-3394




Division of Student Affairs, Tulane University, New Orleans, LA 70118 504-314-2188