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The Office of Student Conduct

Welcome to the Office of Student Conduct's website! The Office of Student Conduct manages all non-academic misconduct allegations that involve Tulane students.

 The goal of the Student Conduct system is to educate students about appropriate behavior and decision-making and foster a safe and healthy community in which academic success can occur. 

The Office of Student Conduct recognizes that college students (like all of us) make mistakes. Through the conduct process, we hope to help students learn where they could have made different decisions and offer them strategies for making better choices in the future.

We have organized this website to provide students, parents, faculty and staff, and community members with as much information as possible. We hope that the materials on this site address your questions, but please feel free to contact us at or (504) 865-5516 for additional information.


Division of Student Affairs, Tulane University, New Orleans, LA 70118 504-314-2188