Graduate Awards

The Department regularly names doctoral student recipients of three types of Fellowships and one teaching award.


Flowerree Summer Research Fellowships support psychology doctoral students in their collaborative research with psychology faculty. These awards are made possible by a former student and long time benefactor, the late Mr. Robert E. Flowerree, a former advisory member of the Tulane Board of Administrators and retired CEO of Georgia-Pacific. Mr. Flowerree provided the department with gifts intended to support faculty research.

2014 Recipients: Lisa Chinn, Veronica Coriano, Trenesha Hill, Jennifer Rious, Kathryn Simon, and Caroline Tipler

2013 Recipients: David Doyle, Heather Henderson, Emily Shaffer, Caroline Tipler, Tara Van Bommel, and Jorge Verlenden

2012 Recipients: Danielle Charney, David Doyle, Elin Grissom, Wayne Hawley, Emily Shaffer, and Tara Van Bommel

2011 Recipients: Daniel Bayless, Alison Blodorn, Alyssa Boasso, Meaghan Crawley, Elin Grissom, Wayne Hawley, Sara Redahan, Tara Van Bommel

2010 Recipients: Alison Blodorn, Elizabeth Carey, Meaghan Crawley, Christiane Creveling, Gordon Franke, Elin Grissom, Wayne Hawley, Wendy Jung, Bala Kathivelu, Jackleen Leed, Qi Li, Jennifer Maldarelli, Rosa Maria Mulser

2009 Recipients: Alyssa Boasso, Berre Burch, Meaghan Crawley, Christiane Creveling, Wayne Hawley, Bala Kathirvelu, Laura Marques, Laura Niditch

The William P. Dunlap Memorial Summer Research Fellowship funds the research of psychology doctoral students who are working in the areas of psychological methods, behavioral statistics, and psychometrics. The award honors the memory of our colleague Bill Dunlap and continues his legacy of statistics and psychometrics. The Fund was established in 2002, shortly after Bill passed away. A 2003 memorial article about him appears in Journal of General Psychology, 130.

2014 Recipient: Corey Black

2012 Recipient: Jennifer Maldarelli

2011 Recipient: David Doyle

2010 Recipient: Aaron Kottke

2009 Recipient: Meredith Summerville

The Doris Patricia O'Quinn Ph.D. Fellowship provides an academic year stipend to a School Psychology doctoral student who is working (or has worked) in secondary school systems. This endowed fund was established by the living trust of Dr. O'Quinn Johns, who earned an MS in Education from Tulane University

Jennifer Rious, Fall 2014-present

Patrick Bell, Fall 2010-Summer 2014

Laura Niditch, Spring 2010 - Summer 2010

The C. Chrisman Wilson Memorial Award for Graduate Student Teaching in Psychology honors the memory of our departed colleague by recognizing excellence in teaching among our graduate students. The inaugural award recipients, recognized in 2013, were Elin Grissom and Wayne Hawley. In 2014, the award recognized Patricia Gilbert and Kathryn Jones.

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