wilsonC. Chrisman Wilson, Ph.D.
Associate Professor

Ph.D., 1976, University of South Carolina

Fax: (504) 862-8744

2007 Percival Stern Hall

Research Interests

Professional school psychology, applied behavioral analysis, behavior therapy and social learning in children.

Selected Publications

Wilson, C. C., Piazza, C., & Nagle, R. (1990). Investigations of the effects of consistent and inconsistent behavioral example upon children's donation behaviors. Journal of Genetic Psychology, 151, 361-376.

Wilson, C. C., Lazarre, J. A., & Tingstrom, D. H. (1989). Children's resistance to deviation: Multiple behavioral models. Journal of Genetic Psychology, 150, 75-83.

Wilson, C. C., & Haynes, S. N. (1987). Treatment of children's sleep disorders. In P. Bornstein & A. Kazdin (Eds.), Handbook of clinical behavior therapy with children (pp. 441-498). Homewood, IL: Dorsey Press.

Prinz, R. J., Connor, P. A., & Wilson, C. C. (1981). Hyperactive and aggressive behaviors in childhood: Intertwined dimension. Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology, 9, 191-202.

Haynes, S. N., & Wilson, C. C. (1979). Behavioral assessment: Recent advances in methods, concepts, and applications. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass.

Dr. Wilson's Courses

  • Abnormal Psychology – PSYC 333
  • Behavioral Assessment and Intervention – PSYC 763
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy – PSYC 766

Department of Psychology • 2007 Percival Stern Hall • New Orleans, LA 70118 • Phone: 504-865-5331 •