sarahSarah A. O. Gray, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

Ph.D.,2013, University of Massachusetts-Boston



3035 Percival Stern Hall 

Research Interests

Dr. Gray is a clinical psychologist with a focus on early childhood.  Her research examines relational and contextual risk and protective factors that contribute to young children’s psychosocial and educational adjustment.  She is particularly interested in studying the contexts of poverty, violence exposure, early caregiving relationships, and schools, and in elucidating mechanisms of change in interventions for young children and their caregivers.  Dr. Gray is currently accepting graduate students.

Selected Publications

Gray, S., Carter, A. S., Briggs-Gowan, M., & Jones, S. (in press). Trajectories of toddler aggression, overactivity, and inattention: Relationship to second grade reading. Developmental Psychology.

Carter, A. S., Gray, S., Baillargeon, R. H., & Wakschlag, L. W. (2013). A Multidimensional Approach to Disruptive Behaviors: A Lifespan Research Agenda. In P. H. Tolan & B.L. Leventhal (Eds.). Brain Research Foundation Symposium Series: Advances in development and psychopathology: Volume 1, Disruptive behavior disorders.  New York: Springer.
Gray, S., Heberle, A., & Carter, A. S. (2012). Social-emotional school readiness: How do we ensure children are ready to learn? Zero to Three Journal 33(1), 4-9.
Gray, S., Carter, A. S., Briggs-Gowan, M., Hill, C., Keenan, K., Danis, B., & Wakschlag, L. (2012).  Preschool children’s observed disruptive behavior: Variations across sex, interactional
context, and severity of disruptive behavior. Journal of Clinical Child & Adolescent Psychology 41(4), 499-507.
Gray, S., Carter, A. S., & Levitt, H. (2012). A critical review of assumptions about gender variant children in psychological research. Journal of Gay & Lesbian Mental Health 16(1), 4-30.
Carter, A. S., Wagmiller, R. J., Gray, S., McCarthy, K. J., Horwitz, S. M., & Briggs-Gowan, M. J. (2010). Prevalence of DSM-IV disorder in a representative healthy birth cohort at school entry: Sociodemographic risks and social adaptation. Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry 49(7), 686-698.
Carter, A. S., Martinez, F. L., & Gray, S. (2009). Stability and individual change in depressive symptoms in mothers raising young children with ASD: Maternal and child correlates. Journal of Clinical Psychology 65 (12), 1270-1280.

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