Recent Social Psychology Graduates

David Doyle, Ph.D. 2014

Post-doctoral fellow, Columbia University

Alison Blodorn, Ph.D. 2013

Post-doctoral fellow, University of California at Santa Barbara

Alyssa Boasso, Ph.D. 2012

Post-doctoral fellow, U.S. Veteran's Administration, Boston MA

Devin Wallace, Ph.D. 2007

Assistant Professor, Towsan University, 2007-2013
Performance and Evaluation Manager, Washington Hospitality Public Charter High School

Eden Renee Pruitt, Ph.D. 2006

Post-doctoral Fellow, Pennsylvania State University, 2006-2008
Visiting Scholar, Pennsylvania State University, 2008-2009
Assistant Professor, Bard College at Simon's Rock, 2009-present

Alecia Santuzzi, Ph.D. 2004

Post-doctoral Fellow, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign 2004-2006
Assistant Professor, Syracuse University, 2006-2009
Assistant to Associate Professor, Northern Illinois University, 2009-present

Kimberley O'Farrell, Ph.D. 2002

Assistant to Associate Professor, Minnesota State University 2002-present
2008-present O'Farrell Consulting, CA

Daniel Beal, Ph.D. 2000

Post-doctoral Fellow, Purdue University 2000-2003
Assistant Professor, Rice University 2003-2011
Assistant  to Associate Professor, University of Texas at San Antonio, 2011-present

Elizabeth Cralley, Ph.D. 1999

Assistant Professor, University of South Carolina-Beaufort 1999-2001
Visiting Assistant Professor, American University, 2001-2013
Assistant Professor, Northcentral University, Arizona, 2013-present

Sherry Schnake, Ph.D. 1999

Assistant to Associate Professor, Saint Mary-of-the-Woods, 1999-present

Volkan Topalli, Ph.D., 1998

Associate Professor, Department of Criminal Justice, Georgia State University

Laura Duval, Ph.D. 1997

Visiting Assistant Professor, George Washington University 

Paul Frankel, Ph.D., 1997

Evaluator, Mental Health Center of Denver

Elliott Hammer, Ph.D. 1996

Assistant Professor, Tennessee State University 1996-2000
Assistant Professor to Professor, Xavier University of Louisiana 2000-present

Ligia Chavez, Ph.D. 1995

Assistant Research Scientist
Behavioral Sciences Research Institute, University of Puerto Rico

Elizabeth Hammer, Ph.D. 1994

Assistant to Associate Professor, Belmont University, 1994-2000
Assistant to Associate Professor, Loyola University-New Orleans, 2000-2007
Professor and Director of Center for Teaching Excellence, Xavier University of Louisiana, 2007-present

Kellina Craig-Henderson, Ph.D. 1993

Professor, Howard University
Program Director to Deputy Director of SES Division, National Science Foundation

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