Social Psychology Faculty

Core Faculty

Students pursuing the Ph.D. degree in Psychological Science may specialize in social psychology. The graduate faculty in social psychology share common interests in stereotyping, social stigma, and intergroup relations. Visit the Faculty Section of this site to learn more.

Lisa Molix, Ph.D. Associate Professor

Laurie O'Brien, Ph.D. Associate Professor

Janet B. Ruscher, Ph.D. Professor

Contributing Faculty

Research collaborations, course work, or thesis/dissertation/prelim committee members can occur across the department, but are most common with:

Oscar Barbarin, Ph.D.Professor

Michael J. Burke, Ph.D.Adjunct Professor

Michael Cunningham, Ph.D.Professor

Stacy Overstreet, Ph.D.Professor

Carrie L. Wyland, Ph.D.Senior Professor of Practice

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